Mackenzie Rosman’s Hot Lesbian Kiss

July 28th, 2010

Lesbian Tongu Action

As if Lindsay Lohan french kissing other girls wasn ’t enough, now we have  Mackenzie Rosman from 7th Heaven doing the same. This time thought it’s a bit more obvious she is actually kissing as we have tongue confirmation. Mackenzie has been caught on camera enjoying a lesbian kiss at a friend’s birthday party. The young actress is best known for her role on 7th Heaven, a Christian-themed WB television show about a minister and his family, so the photos might come as a shock to fans who are more familiar with her role as innocent Ruthie Camden.

mackenzie rosman pose underwear

Mackenzie Rosman is now all grown up. And like any sexually repressed youngster, she’s making out with chicks and taking pictures of herself in her underwear. Rawr! A Mackenzie Rosman fan site managed to acquire the photos, which shows Mackenzie in a lip-lock with a girl in a shirt covered in “69s”; the girl’s name seems to be Mikaela, the birthday girl in question.  Mackenzie doesn’t look like she’s goofing around in this picture where she’s sticking her tongue down another girl’s throat.

hot Mackenzie Rosman lingerie self-picture

If you want to see more Mackenzie Rosman scandalous photos, just click on the link.